Overview of Services

Balans Reporters offers a range of products and services pertaining to business economics. Below you will find a brief overview with a short description.

Overview of services and terminology, in alphabetical order:

Overall Financial Management

Gathering, analyzing and reporting on information regarding the financial accounts for the benefit of company policy and management.

Financial Administration

The administrative recording of cash flow and stock mutations within an organisation resulting in a statement of profit and loss and a balance sheet.

Annual Financial Statement

The legal term for the document which includes the balance sheet, statement of profit and loss and an explanation of both. An annual financial statement offers insight into the capital and result of a company.


Independent investigation into the financial state of affairs of an organization.

Balance Sheet Audit

The balance sheet shows the value of a company’s assets and liabilities. The debit side shows the assets of the company (possessions and accounts receivable). The credit side (liabilities) shows the capital (needed to finance the assets). The aim of the audit is to determine whether all figures are correct and therefore ‘in balance’.

Bank Management

All forms of advice and services aiming for an optimal return on assets and capital, such as management of accounts and currencies at the lowest possible cost.


Composing a complete overview of periodical expenses, also referred to as a budget.

Contract Management

Composing, managing and optimizing all (financial) agreements.


Systematic management of the company’s business processes.

Cost and Budget Management

Recording the maximum amount which can be spent per expenditure item over a certain period.

Fiscal Advice

All forms of information and tips which pertain to the payment of taxes and tax rebates.


Computation of the future financial situation on the basis of indicators such as income, expenses and historical trends.

Investment Advice

All forms of information and tips that serve to finance investments in the company in a responsible way.

Management of Accounts Payable

The complete process of entering all incoming invoices into the books up to and including payment of the invoices.

Management of Accounts Receivable

The complete process of entering up all invoices that have been sent out up to and including the monitoring and handling of payments.

Payroll Management

The complete process of recording payments and benefits which employees are entitled to in return for the work they carry out for and on behalf of the employer, in accordance with the agreements that have been laid down in the employment contract.

Pensions (Calculations/Private Plans)

Collective term for the periodical (usually monthly) payments which replace the former salary in the case of old age, death or disability. There are various ways to accrue and finance pensions.

Returns for VAT, Income Tax, PAYE (pay-as-you-earn) and Corporation Tax

A return is a statement by the taxpayer that allows the tax department to determine the amount of taxes that are due. Tax returns are filed for VAT, personal income, wages and business income.

Tax Advice

All forms of information and tips which pertain to the various taxes.