Balans Reporters is a modern, renowned firm for financial expertise in Amersfoort. Founder and owner Ruud Nieswaag has provided financial services for individuals, companies and organizations from the Netherlands, Great Britain and the United States for decades.
The power of Balans Reporters is our ability to very swiftly take stock of (complex) financial situations, allowing us to offer resolute advice as to how your accounting can be improved and simplified. The goal is always for you as an individual or entrepreneur to get and maintain a grip on your finances.

  • Balans Reporters are not only competent financial consultants, since you can find those anywhere in The Netherlands. Their most important quality is their human approach. Their main focus is not on the figures, but on their clients. So, apart from their excellent achievements in the field of accountancy and their advice on a variety of matters, they are able to let their relationship with their clients expand into friendship.

    Moreno Pravisani, owner
    Ice-Cream Parlour Roma

  • Ruud is an old hand when it comes to the financial administration of lawyers offices, even where aspects such as legal aid cases are concerned and the way in which they need to be incorporated in the accounts. He not only knows about law firms, but also the lawyers themselves – in all their wilfulness – and is perfectly capable of dealing with this. And when necessary Ruud is also able to offer solutions to financial disputes, mediating between the parties involved. In short, he is more than just the man who takes care of your accounts.

    Misha Breur, lawyer
    Kox Advocaten